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L.12 in

Mongooses are small, meat-eating mammals with sleek bodies There are about 38 species of mongoose; they are found in forests, marshes, grasslands, and scrublands in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Mongooses live about 8 to 13 years in captivity, depending on the species. The meerkat is a type of mongoose. Anatomy: The mongoose is a sleek, furry animal that ranges in size from about 8 to 25 inches (20-64 cm) long, plus a tail which is 6 to 21 inches (15-53 cm) long. It has a tapered snout, sharp teeth, short feet, and a long tail. It has sharp claws, which it uses to dig burrows, to scratch the ground for insects to eat, and to catch prey. Diet: The mongoose eats small animals, like snakes, rodents, frogs, and insects. Some mongooses also eat eggs, fruit, seeds, and nuts. Classification: Class Mammalia (mammals), Order Carnivora. Mongoose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Different word describing our product: life size Statue fiberglass Statue fiberglass Statue fiberglass Figurine Mongoose Statue Mongoose Figurine Animal Statue Animal Figurine

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